Ada And Taye

Once upon a time in Umahia there lived two families, the Daramola’s and the Ebuh’s. Both families were blessed with two beautiful daughters who both had fair and smooth skin. The first girl child of the Daramola family was named Taye while the child of the Ebuh’s was named Adaeze. The two families had been friends for a long time and so Ada and Taye lived as sisters from different mothers. They matured and became the beauty of the town and attracted suitors from other states of the nation but where all turned down because both families felt they weren’t old enough and wanted their daughters to finish from the secondary school with honours.
A year went by and Ada and Taye who were now 14 had completed their secondary school and both families were now ready to put up both girls in the market for suitors when Ada and Taye came together and told their parents that they would want to further their studies till the university level. Their parents spat on the floor in condemnation but afterwards seeing that both girls were serious about their words after they had brought scholarships telling them to study abroad, the parents had no choice than to agree. They went overseas and studied for a very long time, Ada studied law while Taye studied medicine. This took them 7 years but after their study at the university was complete both girls now 20 years of age decided to fend for their lives in the big city of New York and lie to their parents that they were not done schooling yet. Their parents worried that their daughters would not be wanted by suitors if they aged too much before they got married but they had no choice but to let them live away from home in the new found city. Ada and Taye lived well like sisters and got jobs soon after their graduation afterwards.
Two years later Ada and her boss at the office hit things off and proposed to Ada but Taye shunned men stating that she wanted to succeed before getting married. Ada came home for her traditional wedding before coming back to the states to celebrate her church wedding. Her best friend and sister Taye of course remained by her side as the maid of honour. Soon enough Ada was expecting her first child and Taye had still not decided to settle down for marriage. Taye later started feeling pressured and returned o Nigeria to continue her work after been posted out for a job opportunity. She resided at Lagos and soon found a boy she was interested in but also found out that this same boy was not as fond of her as she was of him and before he could propose she fled and flew back to the states to continue work. Soon enough though after Ada’s third child, Taye finally decided to date her fellow colleague at work and things worked out for her as she got married and everyone came around to celebrate. After 25 years of their stay in the states when they heard Ada’s parents had suddenly fallen ill, they travelled back without their kids to check on their parents. When they finally arrived, Ada’s parents were laid down on the bed and talked to each of them as they blessed them. They told them how proud they were of their success.



Good day dear readers and I welcome you to an exciting experience with life today as we embrace the wisdom in age. For one I am an 17 year old student, currently in her 2rd year of study in Mass communication  at the University. Coming across someone like me who sat down thinking of how to execute this great gift of writing adorned upon me, on impacting others for the better of their remaining years of existence on planet earth. I decided to embrace inspirational writing whereby the feelings of others could be uplifted and spun around for the better of change in the society but then in a country such as ours where age is used as a defining force for wisdom; carrying out this plan has not been an easy task and this is why I am excited at being called upon to write on articles that could influence inspirational change in Nigeria and Africa as we know it.
Atimes an 80 year old is as ignorant as a new born baby I mean once they get to that stage where they cannot find it easy remembering stuff, cleaning after themselves, knowing what to say and other stuff, they become the modernized versions of newly born babies who poo on themselves, spit all over the place and indirectly and painfully become a pain in that families arse. What of the married men who act like teenage boys, forgetting their responsibility to their family being the head and go about chasing ladies half their ages and the guys who still behave like 2 year olds because of such lack of adult development skills by their parents. How about all of these? Or is it the ladies who act like 5 year olds and never bury hatchets which could last a life time? They all call themselves the elders but what are they really? Still youths and I say this because no one can ever fully grow up or outgrow the things he or she used to do. One can only keep checks on himself or herself to maintain the stability between ignorance and actually knowing and that is when one can be crowned with the rare title of actually being a knowledgeable person. Too bad so many people fail to do this and remain ignorant despite their wealth; I mean one can be brilliant and still lack knowledge, one can be successful and lack wisdom, one can be logical and have knowledge so having knowledge isn’t really based on how many years you have spent smelling the air on earth before others but the way to which you handle things learnt and things gained. Even the so called large MD’s and business owners lack common knowledge not to talk of the rare kind; it’s difficult to state what it is that actually differentiates their perceptions from that of the various beggars and mad men who roam the streets every day. Yes having the right tactic could be a good driving force but never the less, just imagine the so called tactics to be the building plan of a house, then knowledge would be the actual technological knowhow to how the house should actually be built in the physical. Yes we might all be brilliant when it comes to certain things but are we knowledgeable as adults ourselves? The ever money making parents should ask themselves if they are knowledgeable when it comes to their children or handling the home or actually loving each other as a family. You must first of all tick the little things before going on to the big things; you just can never skip one of these things as it helps you gain more edge over others. We can no longer slack and have weaknesses instead, we are to make our weakness our best strength. The topic on age is a very broad one and I can never fully cover it all but at this point hoping I have made a large impact on the age of the adult generation in quote, let’s all aim to be positive and more alert with both time and life because we are only given one chance at life and the rare population of the world who are given two always come back better but wouldn’t it be great to run your race once and be outstanding? Think on it. It should do you all some good to actually think on all of this things.

This Nigerian Speaks


Someone I know once told me that if one wrote without honesty and feelings in his eyes and heart then he or she wasn’t fit to be a writer. So therefore in the spirit of honesty my article begins.
I salute my country Nigeria; a land ever so green and fertile, having the eagle’s sharp foresight and the strength of horses. Nigeria has made a lot of progress since its independence and has also encountered more reproach on its way. This reproach in Nigeria though quite on the rise, becomes even more alarming as its occupants (Nigerians) keep on pushing the blame to one another against the country’s now pathetic state. This is sometimes understandable because we all need someone to blame once in a while but when we sit back all the time just complaining, filing more complaints all over the world wide web and basically pointing all five fingers blaming only the government then the part of who actually is to be blamed falls all on us. For crying out loud the government didn’t force people to steal, we stole on our own right; the government never forced us to hoard drugs we did that on our own free will, the government alone didn’t ruin Nigeria but we all did by ourselves by self invested practices, betrayal and manslaughter we groomed Nigeria into the evil woman she is now. When people make complaints and more complaints without even trying to maybe once do something if not anything at all be it small or big, instead they sit still and try to make a comfortable situation out of the hell fire they are going through. Sad as it may seem a lot of Nigerians unlike before are scared to go out there and do something, so then how do we expect to make simple atoms of progress without even being a progressing people?
God bless Nigeria; I am probably the 50th person to utter this phrase in all of this week out of billions of Nigerians. We all just throw tantrums and curses at the government and even make fun of the president and our country to ‘make ourselves feel better’. To many of us it’s having fun but people in other countries see us belittle ourselves and our government day by day and laugh at us through the sidelines. This makes Nigeria known simply as an ‘Abusive Nation’ and not a ‘Progressive Nation’. I feel we shouldn’t be crying, mourning or even pretending that we pray for this country when in actual fact we aren’t patriotic enough to care about a country we ‘pray’ for. Imagine having a class exercise where we were told to write the two stanza’s of the National anthem and some students proudly stated that they couldn’t remember how the second stanza begun and some saying they just stopped at the second line of the first stanza; the truth is that it’s all fun and games until it is not anymore. Crying and mourning wouldn’t bring back the dead but taking action and getting up to say ‘enough is enough’ would help preserve more lives for the future Nigeria. Shouldn’t we now fall back to ourselves and ask why other countries are actually doing better than us? Why we are gradually moving from a developing country to being under-developed? Why people are leaving to other countries and trying their best to never come back? I don’t know the answers to these questions myself but I am willing to find out.
I commend the strength of Nigerians; always smiling even through the pain, always trying to dance our sorrows away and wipe the tears from our faces, put on the fanciest of clothes and pretend we don’t have problematic stories. But suddenly our strengths lie at the hardest and evil spurs of places. I mean why we are putting our strengths into things that break the heart, why we are allowing ignorance move us to a completely fallen Nigeria is honestly beyond me. I am confused at why it is that little children and girls are always the ones who are the targets for all these dubious acts? Why are we putting our anger into senseless killings and kidnappings all in the name of religion? I was taught way back at my elementary college that religion was a medium for people to assemble in peace so why does this same peaceful religion seek blood spilling to thrive and why are we Nigerians aiding and abetting in these disastrous means. It is well Nigeria is all I have to say.
I sigh at Nigeria; I wish there were some form of hope but now I see there is none most likely not one that is coming anytime soon. I am prepared for the worst now because my eyes are finally open and now I can see; I advice you all to be to. We all want peace but shouldn’t we all prepare for war so it doesn’t take us by surprise? I am for peace but if at all there is need for war then this Nigerian is ready to fight through pen or might for a country I once believed in.
This Nigerian knowing what it is that makes her country wary so walks away into oblivion still hoping in hopelessness for a better Nigeria and peace with ease.

Konji (A basic rhyme)

Hmm, what rhymes with konji?
Pls don’t judge me.
This is what happens when a man is full to bursting.
Hormones, desires, lust all jostling.
Have you ever seen the outcome of a too full dam?
Its only solution is to empty its contents without giving a damn.
My only solution is to say a prayer for relief.
My pressure building….
So that when I eventually release it,
Its force would equal the flow of kanji dam
And then I would shout to my newly wedded wife
Haha! Let there be light!

In The Spur Of The Moment 5


…no I didn’t instead I felt all the passion we had not experienced in a long time float back in a rush to me and all I could do was grasp tight to this sex god of a man and ask him to hit me more from behind.
The next morning I woke up in Brian’s embrace and I felt like the happiest woman in the world. I suddenly noticed some slimy stuff on the bed, my mind suddenly went blank – I mean my water couldn’t just break at seven months right? I mean I still had two months to play with right? Immediately, I clinched at Brian’s shirt yelling at the top of my voice ‘Brian something is wrong’ Brian got up with a start and wasted no time. We were out of the house and within hospital walls the next ten minutes. While the doctor examined me, Brian simply stood there like a cold icy rock; I dared not touch him because this strange man had suddenly resurfaced once more. The man who was always in control, who would say something and I had no choice than to follow, the man who scared and escalated my fantasy and with whom I was now crazily in love with, the mysterious yet sane man called Brian Hanover. At that same moment, my mind went to the life of our unborn son and I almost broke out in tears. I noticed the doctor walk up to both of us and I struggled to hid my pain at the same time putting on the mask of a strong woman ‘Well this is strange…’ the doctor said as he stared at both me and Brian.
… So What Happened To the Kid?
I held our little Rufus in my hands and cradled him before pulling out my breasts for him to suckle on. He teased at me with his little mouth just as Brian would and I laughed at how alike Brian and his son had become so early in life. As I stared down at my new hero and new lover I remembered what had happened before he suddenly popped out as an early miracle ‘Well, this is strange…’ the doctor had said as he stared at both me and Brian. He then handed Brian some charts which Brian started to look at and then looked up with a shocked expression. The doctor seeing Brian’s expression then continued with his explanation ‘Just as you can see Mr. Hanover, there is a complication with the pregnancy. The mother here cannot have this baby through natural methods infact she was even lucky she got pregnant in the first place. The water broke as a result of early birth signs and this happens very rarely in young female pregnancies. I have only seen four of these cases in all of my lifetime as a doctor. I understand that this is your first time at our clinic and so I would be very brief. Your wife here would have to deliver the child through a suzerain operation tomorrow and then the kid would be put into an incubator till he is okay to live without it. I am sorry’ the doctor after sensing the heated atmosphere of the situation then said ‘I’ll give you two a moment and I am sorry’ Brian then turned to look at me before saying ‘Adrian I a…’ my head though was not in the same place as Brian’s I looked up at him with tears in my eyes as I asked rhetorical questions ‘the kid?, our son?, complications?, Brian?, what?’ Brian just held me as I broke down in tears; all he did was hug me and try to calm me down all the while. He was a really supportive husband then and there and I was really thankful to have been his wife….

I am fine

i am fine

If she asks how you are:
Don’t tell her you can’t sleep at night because the voices in your head keep telling you to kill your parents.
Don’t tell her you feel loneliest when in a crowd.
Don’t tell her that depression is a constant companion.

If she begs to ask what’s wrong:
Don’t tell her your birthday made you sad because your father never acknowledged it.
Don’t tell her the only time you felt alive was when you were depressed.
Don’t tell her of the blocked memories of when……

If she says she loves you:
Don’t tell her you don’t know what love feels like.
Don’t tell her the only sort of love you know is the love of an oppressor; a bittersweet kind of love.
Don’t tell her she will never know your deepest darkest secrets because you blocked it out.

If she cries and says you don’t love her:
Don’t tell her that crying women gives you a hard on.
Don’t tell her that to you love is a noun and not a verb.
Don’t tell her that making her cry is the only form of emotion you can relate with.

If she threatens to walk out on you:
Do tell her that broken crayons still color.
Pls, Do tell her a lie.
Do tell her ‘I am fine’.

Popular NOT Influential


People get a lot of things confused in this life and one of these things is mistaking popularity for being influential. The honest truth is that these two terms do not collide at all and if you didn’t know this, then you are welcome.
Because a lot of people unknowingly have mistaken these two key facts as inter-related they end up making fools out of their actions on a daily basis. Assuming a lady has like 10,000 followers on her instagram; 200,000 followers on her twitter and the maximum friend account which is 5,000 on facebook and another woman has 300 followers on instagram; 400 on twitter, 2000 on facebook and she can still come on live TV to say things that would make people think and reason as human beings towards developing a better country, then who is it that you would say is influential and who is it that’s merely popular out of the two?
Once people begin to look up to you then you can say you have influenced someone’s thought and then you know how influential you are. But then again in life everything is of one coin which has two sides; how that one can either be influenced negatively or positively but that is another discussion for another day or year. Right now I am only making reference to the positive influence one can get from its fellow human life form. Before I begun writing I had initially thought of how horrible it might all turn out to be and how people might only see me as a joke so in order to better myself I went all out and decided that since no one was there to inspire me I could as well inspire myself and so I went on and took my University examinations to study English and after my two years of the general course study I then decided on choosing my future path and majoring in literature which has been an evolving experience for me till date. In essence I am trying to say that even if you feel out of place and a little bit different from what anyone can comprehend then you can actually influence yourself by choosing things that pertain to making your future a beautiful guide for others to follow because even the most influential men on earth actually started from believing and influencing themselves. Remember; how well grounded the root is breeds good leaves to the tree.
When did the world turn into the centre of popularity and fashion I thought we all lived and breathed the world to bring about intellectualism and development? Seems our minds have deviated from this driving force which our ancestors had formerly begun. When everyone is struggling to get seen and known who then would make things work from behind the scenes. I have always learnt to appreciate the little things in life and that is why when I see the Berger Company or other big companies in the world; I only appreciate the workers because without the workers who influenced the buildings, the great machines and stuff there would actually be no company. So before you start to think of how popular you are, think of how fashion comes and goes; how modern technology phones go out of stock after a while. Just notice it all and then begin to wonder if being popular lasts forever till you would die. But if you find this tasking answer to be positive then continue to live the way you do, with no regrets and with no sadness because you laid your bed and now laying on it should never get too uncomfortable.
Be inspired and motivated because things are getting tougher and life isn’t accepting lazy and foolish people where success is concerned anymore. Have an intellectual and creative mindset to what you want your goals to be. Drown your anger in your work that way you’d be moving up and moving on. Have a wonderful day everyone. Ciao

In The Spur Of The Moment 4


… Seven Months In
It had been 5 months since Brian proposed and now we were getting ready for our small and discreet wedding at Paris – the city of love. We wanted to do it at a private beach where only immediate friends and family would be invited. Obviously I took Britt along – It was my first time in a plane especially riding in first class and although I had wanted to pretend I was not moved by this little treat I felt like dancing and twerking all over the plane. Britt just kept looking out of the window but I was now heavy with child and had unexplainably put on a lot of weight – Brian didn’t seem to mind my weight add though, he still looked at me the same and still had that blue mysterious eyes whenever he looked down at me.
We finally touched down at Belgium and saw a chauffeur waiting at the entrance of the airport where we all were driven to the private beach. As I got down from the car, I had tears in my eyes. It was a beautiful place with lovely roses and the rustling smell of nature at its cleanest form. Brian held my hand softly and walked me into the hotel lobby where he gave all the guests around their own keys while he took a key for the both of us. In the room, he helped me undress and walked me to the bathroom – Brian had seen me totally naked but today was pretty special to me. The room was well lit and had roses in the shape of love on the bed which made my eyes water all over again. Once in the tub where he gently ran down soap on my body and washed me for the first time after which he kissed me and carried me to the bedroom where he laid me down to bed, he kissed my forehead and asked me to sleep while he went in to take his shower. I wasn’t asleep throughout though, all I thought of was what had come over this strange man who I had now been living with for 7 months. He came in later and lay on the bed beside me pulling me softly to him and holding me there in a caressing state. ‘I love you’ he finally said before he drifted off to sleep. My eyes suddenly stood wide open. Had I heard it right? What did he just say? I then concluded that I had just been hearing things and then I fell asleep.
The next day at exactly seven o’clock I felt someone gently shake me to wake up. It was Britt and beside her stood strange people. ‘Hunnie get up – your weddings’ today and you need a makeover’ I slowly got up and it finally dawned on me that the day had really come. I felt as heavy as I struggled to get up from the bed. ‘Where is Brian?’ I asked Britt looking worried. ‘He should be with his gents, you know the groomsmen’ I smiled and got up to face the various stylists who were lined up in front of me.
My hair was dyed blonde and a lot of things went on my face that I couldn’t recognize myself when they were finally done – I only hoped to look pretty enough for Brian but not look this good, this was too much but at the same time I was pleased with my new look. Britt then brought in a small rusty box and my eyes suddenly began to water – it belonged to my mom, something I had been able to get from my mother, her valued hair brooch, I smiled as Britt slid in unto my hair and pecked me. ‘Your mom would have been proud of you too’ just as I turned to see who that was – Melissa’s ever bright smile brought more tears to my eyes ‘If you would have me hunnie, I’d love to represent your mom and walk you down the aisle today’ I just nodded, it was all too much for me – today was heading up to be the most perfect wedding ceremony though it would be small in size it was the emotions behind it that mattered and the fact that I would be getting married to the strange man I secretly loved and admired and having a healthy child raised in the comfort of life I didn’t fully get the chance to have. Finally everything and everyone was set and it was time to go.
The limo drove me and my girls to an offshore beach close to the Eiffel tower and I was bewildered by the beauty of the place with the decorations and white setting ghost chairs for the guests who were mostly stakeholders and friends of Brian’s. I got down to a roll out white carpet let in and I was led in towards the wedding space with Melissa by my side and Britt in the ever lovely pink laced mini gown as my Maid of honour, I was all smiles as we all walked down the aisle and when I looked up and saw Brian on the stand with his light blue eyes warmly starring down at me in awe, I felt so grateful that I had looked extra pretty for him, I also felt like throwing all cautions to the wind and running into his perfect embrace where we as a family could feel safe. As I got there Melissa placed my hands in Brian’s palm and pressed them warmly together, Brian smiled and I glowed on the inside. Brian then led me to the pastor’s podium where the wedding ceremony commenced. After all the words and oaths were taken I was finally announced as a Mrs. and I felt entirely at bliss with myself and my husband.
At the reception I could see Britt and Melissa busying themselves with wine and merry and all I could do was to feel extremely ecstatic at their happiness. Brian touched my shoulder lightly as he moved closer to me ‘Let’s have our dance’ I looked at him and gave a light and shy giggle ‘Brian I am heavy with child’ ‘Don’t you think I know that? I would be the one to do the dancing, you just move your legs’ I simply nodded as he took my hands and we moved to the dance floor, guests clapped as we started to dance – Brian was right, he took all the routines while all I did was move my feet, he really was a remarkable man.
After the dance, we went towards the limo ready to leave and then suddenly my stomach began to feel funny; I felt so sick that I gasped as I slumped against the strong shoulders of my husband. I awoke in the comfort of the room bed at home and when I started to move Brian said ‘don’t’ I looked up and I saw my man sitting from across the chair staring at me with curious eyes. I then asked ‘Is something wrong with the baby?’ ‘No, but something could go wrong if you don’t get enough rest’ he said as he sighed and looked up at the ceiling while softly caressing my arms to keep me calm. Looking at Brian right now; it looked as if he was trying to keep in his tears. My hands felt weak when I raised them but I strained them enough till they lay weakly against his face. He looked down at me and I saw the lust in his eyes. His hoax tone as he said ‘You don’t know how badly I want you right now’ I smiled as he moved in for a kiss. The kiss was fierce and wanting and left me totally breathless – basically, I was gasping for breath because I wanted him too as badly as he wanted me. It had been a while since we made love because of the baby and I could see it was beginning to get to him. Maybe it was because tonight was supposed to be our special night and he couldn’t touch me. I then cradled his hand gently towards my left breast and he let out a sharp deep groan ‘What are you doing?’ I simply smiled at him ‘What you should have done all this while.’ He must have felt my nipples peak up to his touch because he gave out a sly grin – the grin of satisfaction. Suddenly my clothes were off and his tongue was working restlessly at my breasts – licking, sucking, biting and kissing. I could feel his restless need for desire and I went down and began to suck on his cock and he held my head there to go deeper and deeper to fully satisfy his thirst for sex. Soon he was inside me but waddled slowly this time and passionately ‘if you feel pain anywhere let me know’ I simply nodded. But I didn’t feel pain,

Jesus Is Tempted


After Jesus grew up, he began his ministry. He spoke to many people. He told them the truth about God. Jesus went to the desert to be alone. He didn’t eat food for forty days. Then Satan tempted him. Satan said, “If you are God’s son, tell this stone to turn into bread.”
Jesus answered “The scripture say. ‘No one can live only on food.” Then Satan took Jesus to a high place. He showed him all the kingdoms on earth. He said he would give Jesus power and glory if Jesus would worship him. Jesus answered “The scriptures say: ‘Worship the lord your God and serve only him!”
Finally the devil took Jesus to Jerusalem and had him stand on top of the temple. The devil said “If you are God’s son, jump off.”
Jesus answered, “The scriptures also say, ‘don’t try to test the Lord your God!” Then Satan left Jesus.

The Importance Of Jesus Birth


Just as God had promised, a saviour was born. God kept his promise by sending his son, Jesus, to earth.
Jesus was born to a virgin. This was a miracle! Jesus was fully God and fully man. Even though he was God, he was born in a barn. He lived a simple life. Jesus’ life shows us how to live. He loved his Father God and obeyed him. He cared for people. Jesus came to fix the relationship between God and people. Jesus came so we could know God. Really knowing God is different than knowing about God. If we really know God, it will change our lives. We will love God. We will want to live to please him. He will help us love other people and tell them about him. The rest of this book is about Jesus’ amazing story.